My Master's Degree Project


One Removed

For my master's degree I created a series of small games designed to provoke thought around the topic of video games which has creative expression as their objective.

The accompanying exegesis can be found on QUT's ePrints.



Earth Defense

Earth Defense is an attemp at making a circular shmup. I wanted the player to control the defenses of a planet in the middle of the game with enemies coming from all sides. I also wanted the game to be layered with interesting choices. You have to choose between shooting and collecting pick-ups. Shooting enemies close to the Earth makes it easier to collect the pickups, but means you're likely to take more damage. One type of pick-ups (health) is a short term reward while the other (gold) is long term.



Slider was inspired by old-school games such as Arkanoid where the player controls a paddle and tries to reflect a ball. In this prototype I let the player control multiple paddles at the same time. The paddles move along different axes, but use the same basic left-ride input. The results can be somewhat perplexing...

Flash Games


Box Haul

Box Haul is a game about indirect control. Your goal is to get a crate from one side of the level to the other. Easy enough, except the only way you can move it is by shooting out bungee cords from the crate - Spiderman style - and adjusting the tension of them. The name is a very bad pun on "Vauxhall".



Fragile is a sequel to Box Haul. For this one I wanted to work on simplifying the input system, as the one in Box Haul was far too complicated. Fragile can be played with just the mouse. It also has a completely new set of levels.

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